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Drink vending machines

World class reliability

Altavend has introduced this flagship model to Australia from the world’s leader in vending technology. Boasting the highest reliability, enhanced visuals and the largest variety for the smallest footprint, this Japanese built machine has been specially customised to suit the Australian market.

Our fleet includes Fuji’s vending systems which have been developed and designed by focusing on global environment conservation and it earned a reputation as a top runner in the industry.

The reliability of Fuji’s vending machines is unparalleled to any vending machine brands in the global market.

Today , Fuji is the largest vending manufacturer of vending machines globally.

Selection capacity
Annual power consumption
575 kWh
1,830 mm (H) x 1,181 mm (w) x 731 mm (D)
220V supported (50 Hz / 60 Hz)
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