How it all began

Turning an idea into a reality

A young and vibrant history

Altavend’s VendAsia series began it’s humble origin as a trial idea in a renowned university in Victoria. The rationale behind the concept aimed to create a more welcoming environment for a culturally-diverse demographic – enhancing the university’s appeal to foreign students.

Other educational facilities such as universities, independent language schools and even apartment buildings have embraced this concept following the trials success and consistent high demand from site patrons.

Altavend has established itself as an iconic service in all major universities around Victoria, and now currently expanding its operations in New South Wales as well as Western Australia. Altavend continues to deliver on its commitment to provide the best premier alternative vending service to the culturally diverse population of Australia.

A fresh approach to vending

We recognise that good business is not just simply about the bottom line. We aspire to fulfill a fundamental role in integrating a multicultural society and creating harmony between diverse communities through our passion in vending.

We believe that a good vending service should always deliver quality products reliably & hassle free, without the need to lock down site owners in extensive legal contracts and exclusivity agreements.

Customer insights tell us we’re getting it right


Quality that speaks for itself

We strive to foster a relationship of trust by always putting our clients and customers first. We are always prompt in addressing site and customer needs while providing a hassle-free, seamless and professional service.

As an independent company, we have built our success on our reputation of professionalism, service and quality, operating with some of the biggest names in the vending industry. We pride ourselves on our personalised services, constantly liaising with both our customers and site staff to ensure we are catering to requirements on a case by case basis.

The Altavend promise

Maintain a high standard of professionalism and business ethics
Ensure 100% transparency and accountability
Ensure products are consistent and always fresh
Keep menus updated, tailored to each individual site
Always be courteous, helpful and motivated
Deliver a truly pleasant customer experience
Continually invest in equipment and technology
Uphold a clean, efficient and hassle-free service