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Snack vending machines

Technology meets quality


Altavend’s Snack Machines are imported from the U.S. and are the current top model for vending snacks in the vending industry renowned for its reliability and durability.

Built by Crane Nationals Co., the snack machine boasts a full capacity of 450 items, energy saving options and features advance electronics including self diagnostics and guaranteed product delivery system. Paired with the industry approved NRI coin mechanism, note readers and touchscreen credit card systems, it brings excitement back to your site.

Available in both large capacity and small capacity models, our snack machines are designed to be able to bring a total rewarding customer experience .

* Cup noodles/Meals options can be made available upon request

Guaranteed product delivery system
Energy conservation features
Cup Noodles/Meal Options ready
1830 mm (H) x 1190 mm (W) x 834mm (D)
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