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What makes our vending service so unique?

Altavend pioneered and created this unique service to meet the changing consumer needs in Australia’s ever diversifying multicultural demographic.

Our specialised boutique vending service aims to target a culturally diversified population in high traffic areas. The vending program delivers snacks and drinks that bring our customers a little closer to home.

We aim to provide a selection of products that can be enjoyed by people of all lifestyles and backgrounds, including healthier alternatives & specific dietary requirements.

Improve the organisation’s ability to cater to a multicultural population at no cost
Offer a greater range of vending products, tailored towards international patrons
Provide 24-7 convenience at a competitive price
Allow sites to effortlessly generate extra revenue through commission

Demographic menu program

To cater to a variety of patrons, each site can be uniquely tailored according to the cultural demographic. This enhances the turnover of the proudcts by careful selection of best of breed brands and products relevant to the demographic mix of patrons.

At Altavend, we pride ourselves in our ability to be flexible in developing a vending menu to specifically cater to the patrons from all different parts of Asia. Combining years of research on the buying habits of different cultures and merging it to create an alternative vending service that is well-tailored to the patrons.

Multilingual customer technical support

All our machines are linked to the technician that services that area to provide a friendly and personalized answer to every call enquiry.

At Altavend, we understand that language can sometimes be a barrier when customers need to make an enquiry. We have staff available to converse in a multitude of languages and not just English. We take all calls in a patient, non-patronizing and friendly manner.

All our vending machines are clearly labeled with contact information in the event of a malfunction to resolve any problems with a super fast turnaround, without bringing any inconveniences to the sites.

Peace of mind

We prioritise the safety of our customers by stringent monitoring of our equipment, work processes and products. Site owners are protected from unforeseen circumstances and exposure to public liabilities issues.

All our machines are covered under a national insurance program giving you that added peace of mind. We provide a hassle-free service to site owners at no additional costs.

Cover for fire, theft , malicious damage and vandalism
Public liability insurance cover for up to AUD $20 million for public and product liability

Quality products from trusted brands

We ensure that all of our suppliers comply with standards set by the Australian Food Imports Regulation. All products carry labels in clear English illustrating:
Importer’s contact details
Constituent Ingredients
Nutritional Facts
Best Before Dates

Intrinsic to our commitment to ensure high standards in all of our product lines, our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers in Asia that practice strict quality control management and are awarded the HACCP and ISO9001:2000 certification for their manufacturing facilities.

By ensuring strict inventory control, fast turnover and clockwork refilling route schedules, Altavend is able to maintain the highest and freshest quality products thereby ensuring that the patrons of our services are served to the highest standard in the vending service industry.


Safe and fast installation

Altavend, we take pride in ensuring that the installation of our vending machines is carried out in a safe and professional manner. All our installations are performed by qualified bulk-equipment transportation companies and are insured against transit losses, personnel injuries and incidental damages to sites.

Prior to installation, our personnel will visit the location for a pre-installation check to ensure that all obstacles are accounted for, and to plan ahead with the transportation team. Installation is performed during low traffic periods and is supervised by our personnel to ensure minimal disruption to the site.

Our mission

Always full, clean and working

Altavend’s vending systems and procedures are centered on the simple objective of ‘always full, clean and working’. This clear objective defines our company’s vision of providing great customer service. Stock levels in our machines are continuously monitored remotely.

At Altavend, there is no compromise for maintenance because well stocked, well merchandised and clean vending machines are critical to providing great customer service. Route schedules are designed to minimize out of stock products.

We operate the highest rated, most reliable modern equipment and conduct regular maintenance to ensure all vending machines are working properly. When preventative maintenance fails, we offer a 24-hour service turnaround from our trained vending machine technicians.

Vending options catered to your site

Altavend recognises that every place of business is different. For that reason we offer free consultations with an experienced vending specialist that will meet with you to guide you through the many options we can provide. We will strive to design our alternative vending solutions to your specific needs and concerns.

We will evaluate your account based on several factors including: demographics, type of work environment, working hours, number of patrons, average foot traffic, space consideration and listen to any unique requirements you have in order to present the vending options that will best suit your company vending requirements.

For companies who want to offer their employees free beverages and snacks. Altavend can provide beverage coolers and keep them stocked, billing only for products delivered. We can also provide a combination of free and paid products within the same machine.
Great for companies looking to offer traditional vending for their employees at below retail prices. Altavend will issue a monthly invoice to the company for the difference.
Altavend will provide vending machines free of charge and employees can purchase products at prices similar to convenience stores. The machines will accept cash, card & mobile payment systems.
Commission Based
Cheques are issued on an agreed percentage of net sales, and sent with a quarterly commission remittance statement. This option is available only for clients with a service agreement of a minimum covenant period of three years.

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